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The Bash for Bev is a non profit Country Music Festival and Hot Rod
Showcase. All proceeds from this event will be given back to our Colusa County Community in Bev’s
honor. The very same community that has supported the Hoblit Dealerships family since 1949 here in
Colusa. The Main focus of all funds raised will be donated back to Colusa County Education and Colusa County School's. This we feel is the only way we can give back to the largest group of Children in the community.





When 2018 came to an end and 2019 began, the Hoblit Family was dealt a huge
loss. One of Hoblit Motors founders, Wayne Hoblit, life came to an end. The family was preparing for
this. At the same time Wayne’s daughter Bev, who was battling cancer, took a turn for the worse. We
lost Wayne on 12-28-2018. As the family was in the mourning process and preparing his arrangements
Bev was hospitalized. Where she continued her battle. Wayne’s funeral was on Friday Jan 4th in Colusa.
As soon as it concluded everyone headed to Woodland to check on our loving angel Bev.
Bev passed on Sunday 1-6-2019 just nine days after her father. Everyone who knows Bev, knows she was
the family’s rock. She was the glue that held the family together. She was and will always be the Hoblit
Angel. We decided to create the Bash For Bev. A event that will honor her and keep her alive in our
hearts forever. She will forever be missed. Rest In Peace our sweet angel.